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    4 Tips to Stay Stress Free When Planning a Big Game Party

    Whether watching the big game is a tradition that you and your friends have held for years or this is the first time that you're all getting together, planning a party is both fun and stressful. You'll get to spend the day hanging out with your buddies, but you'll also have a lot of planning to do before then. From preparing food in advance to selecting an outside venue for the party, we’ll show you how you can save yourself some stress.

    1. Prepare Food BEFORE Game Day
    If you spend the entire day in the kitchen, not only are you going to be exhausted, but you are going to miss out on the biggest football game of the year! Choose foods that you can prepare a day or two in advance. Simply wrap up the food and pop it in the oven when it is ready to get heated up. You can serve items like cold dips and cookies too, since all you need to do is take them out of the fridge, and they are ready to serve. Catering the food, as opposed to trying to cook it all yourself, is another option that will alleviate stress.

    2. Don't Fear Asking for Help
    Chances are, at least a few people are going to ask if they can help! As long as you aren't sitting with your feet up all day and expecting your guests to do all of the work, theirs is nothing wrong with taking a little or asking for a little help. One day, you'll be at your friend's home offering them help for a party, so you don't need to feel guilty about accepting a helping hand this time around.

    3. Plan for Little Ones and Pets
    When you have little ones or furry friends around the house, the planning can become even more stressful because you want to make sure they are safe. For the safety of both of them, ensure that guests are not leaving the door lingering open. Installing baby gates and putting your pets in the bedroom while people are arriving and leaving is a smart idea. Calling a dog sitter or babysitter might not be a bad idea. However, you should plan these details in advance before other people make their own plans for the big game.

    4. Invite Them Somewhere That's Not Your Living Room!
    Instead of hosting the party at your house, consider an outside venue. Choosing to host the party somewhere else means that not only do you get to avoid preparing all of the food, but you also do not need to spend hours cleaning the house both before and after the celebration. We of course recommend the Isle® for your get together. We’ll have the game on all over the casino floor! Grab a bite to eat from the buffet and have a few drinks together. You might even want to make an overnight trip out of it and extend the fun with your group of friends.

    Eliminating stress for yourself is important on the day of the big game because you want to ensure that you are able to catch every moment and highlight of the sporting event yourself. For more ideas on how to get more fun into your life… follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
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