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    5 Activities To Help You Celebrate Earth Day

    Saturday, April 22, 2017 is Earth Day. What began as a simple idea in 1970 to raise ecological awareness has transformed into an international movement celebrated in over 190 countries. Many assume that there's nothing they can do to properly celebrate Earth Day. They believe that small gestures simply won't have a noticeable impact. Fortunately, this isn't the case. Everyone can do their part to help the earth on April 22. Here are five activities with environmental focus you can incorporate into your day to preserve this beautiful world of ours.

    1) Unsubscribe
    Maybe you prefer to help the earth without actually having to go outside and enjoy Mother Nature. Not a problem; you can do your part right from your computer. Every year over 100 million trees are cut down for use in our junk mail. Catalogs are often the biggest junk mail culprit. We've all gotten that thick, heavy book in our mailbox, which we often promptly deliver straight into our recycle bins without even opening them. Checkout catalogchoice.org to tap into a free service that helps you unsubscribe from unwanted mailings and you'll instantly feel better about your personal carbon footprint.

    2) Slow Your Roll
    Your car uses valuable (and rapidly depleting) fossil fuels and increases greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. Overtime, these greenhouse gases in our air can have serious consequences such as air and smog pollution, ozone breakdown, global warming and even ocean acidification. Think about your daily routine and schedule this coming April 22. Pinpoint segments of your day where you can park your car. Choose instead to ride your bike (or even use man's first form of transportation – his two feet) for errands and activities close enough to reach without a vehicle. Every motorized machine left at home makes a difference. If you absolutely have to get somewhere you can't bike or walk to, you can still make an eco-friendly choice. Take public transport or even carpool with a friend to do your part to celebrate Earth Day.

    3) Think Water Conservation
    There are many ways to cut back on the water you use in a single day. Best of all, you can implement little changes to yield big results. Homeowners may even notice a lower utility bill as a side bonus to their global consciousness. Some tips to dial back on wasted H2O include:
    Shorten the length of your shower
    Turn water off when brushing your teeth and lathering up your hands with soap
    Collect water used during your daily routine and repurpose by using it on your gardens and flowers
    Don't wash your car straight from a running (and running… and running) hose; instead, fill a large bucket to manage how much total water you use

    4) Prepare a Locally Grown Meal
    Patronizing local businesses is always a great idea. However, buying fresh produce from a local farm has some added Earth Day advantages. The food at large supermarkets and grocery stores can travel an average of 1,500 miles from where it's grown. Transporting fruits and vegetables long distances not only diminishes the fresh flavor of foods, it also increases greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Locally sourced food has superior taste and proves a better choice for the environment.

    5) Enjoy Some Fresh Air
    Many people believe the best way to celebrate Earth Day is to actually get outside and enjoy everything that Mother Nature has to offer. If you agree, put down the smartphone, unplug from social media and plan a day where you get to breathe in as much fresh air as possible. Plan a park visit, go for a walk, pack up a lunch or dine al fresco on the beach. Do whatever you'd like to drink in everything that makes our amazing planet so special and worth protecting.

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