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    5 Blackjack Tips to Get You Ready for a Tournament

    If casino games were celebrities, blackjack would be one of the most famous. Many are intimidated by this fast-paced game, but it’s actually a lot simpler than it looks. Whether you’re an avid player or just getting started, these tips will help improve your skills and have you ready to play blackjack in Black Hawk!

    Blackjack is a straightforward game: get more points than the dealer without going over 21. But there are a few unwritten rules that some players swear by and statistics prove to be quite accurate:
    • Always hit when you have anything less than 11.
    • Never split two 10s, Jacks, Queens or Kings (two 10-value cards).
    • You should almost always split eights and aces.
    • Stand when you have 17 or more.

    2. Know the Rules of the Table

    Would you start a pickup game of football without knowing if it’s two-hand touch or tackle? Well, don’t sit down at a blackjack table until you know the rules! Don’t worry, there are only a few. Find out what the minimum and maximum bets are, when you can double down and when you can split your cards. It’s as simple as that!

    3. Take a Look at the Charts

    Many believe blackjack is a game of luck and timing, but actually it’s almost entirely about math. There are easy-to-follow charts that compare your hand to the dealer’s and describe the best action to take based on probability. These situations can easily be put to memory, and may help you during the game.

    4. Understand When to Go Big

    Blackjack is a unique game because everyone is playing against the house. If the dealer gets 21, it’s likely that everyone at the table will lose. On the opposite hand, if the dealer busts (goes over 21), it’s common for everyone at the table to win. In a blackjack tournament, the point is to outlast the other players at your table. So how do you get ahead when it’s typical to win and lose the same hands as your opponents? You’ve got to bet differently than the others at your table.

    Going big when others go small can net the greatest reward. However, you can’t bet big every hand or your chip stack will quickly disappear. Blackjack is a game of balance. One tactic is to go big when you’re the last one to bet, so you can see what everyone else decided to wager. When you beat the dealer, you’ll be raking in the chips, and everyone one else will just be collecting their minimum bets.

    5. Practice Makes Perfect

    Now that you know the basics of blackjack, come on out and put your skills to the test during our $8,000 Blackjack Tournament on November 6. Join in the gaming action if you qualified with at least 8 hours of cumulative rated play during the month of October. Come take part in this exciting event for players of all skill levels!

    $8,000 Blackjack Tournament
    Sunday, November 6, 2016
    Entry: 8 hours of cumulative rated play in the month of October

    Tournament Schedule
    • Registration is on a first come first serve basis between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.
    • Round one starts at 10 a.m. and is limited to the first 180 players

    Prize Structure:
    • 1st Place: $4,000 plus 40% of cash buy-ins
    • 2nd Place: $2,000 plus 20% of cash buy-ins
    • 3rd Place: $800 plus 15% of cash buy-ins
    • 4th Place: $600 plus 10% of cash buy-ins
    • 5th Place: $400 plus 9% of cash buy-ins
    • 6th Place: $200 plus 6% of cash buy-ins
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