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    5 Differences Between Professional Poker and Professional Blackjack

    Professional poker and professional blackjack have several similarities. Both of these infamous card games can be found at casinos worldwide as the best of the best come to compete. While these popular casino games have much in common, they also have distinctive differences you may want to consider before testing your luck. Five major differences between professional poker and professional blackjack include:

    The Competition
    Playing poker means everyone seated at the table is your competition except the dealer. Additionally, winning at poker hinges heavily on your innate ability to get more money out of the other players than they can obtain from you. In this game of skill and luck, the best way to bring home the win is to surround yourself with less talented players than you (read: even bad players triumph when gaming with worse players). Conversely, playing blackjack means that your only competition is the dealer. Ultimately, it's you against the house; the only thing a crowded table means is that it will impact the number of hands you will get to play.

    The Gut Check
    Poker relies on skill, luck and a whole lot of intuition. It's important to be able to read the room, as well as your opponents, to make winning decisions throughout the game. Blackjack is a game of logic and probability. Relying on a gut instinct can instantly result in a win… for the house.

    The Strategy
    If you've ever watched a live poker tournament you've probably noticed that every player has his/her own approach to the game. Style and strategy can literally change from person to person and many dedicate countless hours to perfecting their tactics to increase the odds of a big win. Not so with blackjack. There is essentially one (successful) approach to this game. In your quest to 21, you – and everyone at the table with you – will employ the same strategy throughout every single hand.

    The Precision
    No matter what your style or gamesmanship, at the end of every blackjack hand is a logical, calculable conclusion. The only way to improve the odds in this game is to systematically improve your command over which cards have been played… and which ones have yet to make an appearance. Poker is, well, less precise. A lot less precise, actually. In order to truly succeed, you have to embrace uncertainty, put on your best game face and exude confidence (even when bluffing) to give yourself the ultimate advantage.

    The Celebrity
    One of the biggest differences between poker and blackjack is the notoriety factor. Blackjack professionals prefer an air of anonymity. Remaining unrecognized is the best way for a blackjack pro to fly under the radar as they play against the house. Poker pros enjoy a certain level of fame and celebrity. The best of the best enjoy tournament circuits, speaking engagements and even book deals as they build their own personal brand in the industry. Having a famous poker professional in the house is a major casino coup.

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