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    5 Reasons to Own a Corvette

    The Chevrolet Corvette® has been a popular sports car, a must-have vehicle for drivers since the model made its debut in 1963. It continues its ride at the top of many car buyers’ lists even today. If you wonder why this flashy sports car is such a hit for each generation, here are five reasons to own a Corvette.

    1. It’s Affordable.

    Look at many of the top models in the sports car category, and you’ll see prices that are well out of your budget. Not so with the Corvette. This is one model that was designed to be affordable for the average person, and it’s still reasonably priced. You can enjoy the thrill of a top car without going over your budget.

    2. It’s a Car for Everyone.

    Notice who's driving the Corvette, and you’ll see both men and women behind the wheel. You’ll recognize grandparents, teenagers, young men and moms driving this fun car. Many people dreamed about owning one of these cars when they were teenagers, and they fulfill that fantasy whenever they can afford one—even if it’s decades later.

    3. It Never Goes Out of Style.

    Pay attention to the newest models of the Corvette as compared to early versions of the car, and you’ll see some substantial similarities. Even as technology has improved on the traditional design, certain elements of the original model are evident. It’s a car that never goes out of style, and can be handed down from one generation to the next. In fact, parents who own Corvettes will often have kids who want to own the same model as their parents.

    4. It Grabs Attention.

    Stop at a traffic light in a Corvette and other drivers will notice. Heads turn as you step on the accelerator. This car even commands attention when it's sitting in a parking lot or in the driveway. You can’t drive a Corvette and expect to sneak around without anyone noticing you drive by. This model creates conversation as strangers come up to you and say, “nice car.”

    5. It’s Just Right for You and Someone Special.

    This two-seater has just enough room for you and someone special. Couples, best friends, even a parent and child will enjoy special time together in this car. It isn’t a family vehicle or a carpooling model, but it can provide the backdrop for private conversations, laughter and shared secrets with just the two of you.

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