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    7 Luck Charms

    Some people just have all the luck. Here at Isle Casino® Black Hawk, we understand the importance of being a lucky winner. After all, being lucky makes you a much better gamer. With St. Patrick’s Day rapidly approaching, we thought it might be fun to discuss seven good luck charms from around the world.

    Why seven? Well, the number 7 has long been considered a lucky number, and that's especially true when it comes to gaming. The "lucky 7" dice roll is usually made up of a five and a two. In the dice game of craps, rolling 7 wins, and that's why seven has become a symbol of luck in regard to gaming.

    Try out these good luck charms. You never know, one could work for you!

    1. Crickets: The sound of chirping crickets is one of the most recognizable sounds in the world. It serve as a reminder of summer nights or a fond camping trip to some, but it may have a different meaning for others. According to Asian and Native American cultures, crickets are a sign of good luck. It’s bad luck to kill a cricket, even by accident. Crickets act as protectors of the house, so think twice before killing one.

    2. Dream Catchers: Dream catchers have long been regarded in Native American culture as a symbol for good dreams. Its origins date back to the story of Nokomis, who protected a spider from being killed. In return, the spider spun webs and declared Nokomis would only have good dreams. Put a dream catcher over your bed, if you want to have sweet dreams each night.

    3. The Ankh: You may have seen many jewelers capitalizing off of the design of the Ankh. But Middle Eastern culture has been using the ankh for good fortune since ancient Egyptian times. The ankh amulets represent eternal life. It’s one of the most-purchased tourist items.

    4. Three Keys: Not only do keys unlock our homes, but they can also unlock the door to health, wealth, and love. This is why three keys has been seen a symbol of good luck for years. So don’t misplace those keys!

    5. Cinnamon Sticks: Some feel as though keeping a stick of cinnamon in your purse or wallet will bring you steady income. One thing is for sure, they’ll at least make your money smell nice.

    6. The Horseshoe: Playing horseshoes is incredibly fun. But before it was a game, it was known as a symbol of good luck to blacksmiths and ancient gods. The next time you find yourself on a dude ranch, bring back a horseshoe and hang it on the wall for good fortune.

    7. Four-Leaf Clover: A good luck list isn’t really complete unless you’ve included the four-leaf clover. It’s pretty much the universal symbol for good luck around the world. The four-leaf clover represents fame, health, wealth, and love. So if you spot one, consider yourself extra lucky!

    Our Gaming

    You can totally use the energy of St. Paddy’s Day on your side. If you think you’re ready to try your luck, come check us out for some gaming. We’ve got a slew of gaming for you to enjoy, including everything from live action to slots. In fact, we’re known for having the loosest video poker machines in all of Black Hawk! And of course, you definitely want to take advantage of our promotions.

    Make St. Paddy’s Day a good one. Come on down and game with us today. Oh, and good luck!


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