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    7 Things You Never Knew About the Corvette

    There are some things which command your respect whether or not you’re a fan: taxes, female fighters… and in the world of sports cars we have the Corvette®.

    Built on a tradition of offering breathtaking performance at affordable prices, the Corvette has a personality that is all its own.

    There really could not be a more perfect choice for the grand prize in our Dream Machine Giveaway here at Black Hawk Isle®. Come Monday, July 3rd you could speed away in a brand-new 2017 Corvette!

    It may sound too good to be true but it’s for real.

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    With the possibility of a new edition coming your way, conversations with your friends about cars are bound to turn towards the Corvette. If you plan on dominating the conversation the way your future car dominates the road, then you are going to have to go beyond the obvious sports car attributes of speed and beautiful design.

    What other fun facts about the Corvette are there which your friends definitely don’t know about?

      • Corvette Is a Copy!

    No not the car, the name! The original Corvette was a class of 18th century battleships that garnered a reputation for crisscrossing the deep blue at high speeds while maintaining the potential for high impact engagement-fitting attributes for the vehicle.

      • The First Ones Were Too Advanced for the Factory

    Rationing after WWII meant that the Corvette could only be made from fiberglass instead of metal (which was still rare). This fiberglass body has come to be expected of the vehicle today; but back in the old days the, then new, technology puzzled factory workers and engineers. As a consequence, the first few cars had to be pushed off the assembly line instead of driven since they wouldn’t start.

      • 1963 Is the Only Year It Came With a Split Window

    If you know your way around them, then this should be one of the more surprising facts about the Corvette. They just don’t come with split windows…except those from 1963. The word across the vine was that the split window would make a comeback for the C7 generation but that is highly doubtful due to NHTSA oversight.

      • Only 2 Versions of the 1961 ZL-1 Were Sold

    One of the rarest corvettes, nay sports, cars of all time is the 1961 ZL-1. Only 2 units were sold

    1. The 1990 ZR1 Was Designed by Lotus in England

    The 375-horsepower engine that lay at the heart of the 1990 ZR1 was designed and perfected in England by the guys at Lotus. They then got in touch with people in Mercury Marine in Stillwater, Oklahoma who then built the engine. The entire car making process took about 4 years.

    The result was one of the greatest sports cars ever made.

    1. The Magnetic Ride Suspension Reacts at Mind Blowing Speed

    In 2003 General Motors introduced their magnetorheological suspension technology. It reacts so fast (about 1000 times per second) that at speeds of 60 mph it adapts to each inch of road separately.

    1. The Corvette C5-R Bossed Ferrari and Maserati in Endurance Training

    Way back before the C5-R, Ferrari and Maserati bossed the GT circuit. But all that changed once the C5-R came along. The Corvette won at any turn and even managed to occupy both 1st and 2nd place at Le Mans in 2001 and 2002. This is certainly a fact about the Corvette to have under your belt when arguing with a friend who leans more towards European sports cars.

    Moreover, it shows that getting your hands on the 2017 model we have on offer through our Dream Machine Giveaway will make you a part of a rich tradition of excellence that is set to continue for a long time going forward.

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