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    Be Young at Heart While Enjoying the Perks of Being Older

    Hitting 50 can be a pretty big milestone for many people. For some, it can make them feel free and ready for adventure while others may be concerned what life has in store. If you’ve just reached this milestone or you’re about to celebrate the big day, read on for some surprising perks of being older.

    1. The Kids are Out on Their Own
    Sure, you never stop worrying about your kids, but at least you aren’t responsible for them in the same way. You don’t have to wake them up and remind them to get ready for school. Instead, you can focus on yourself in the daily routines.

    2. You Get to Become a Grandparent
    What’s even better is the ability to become friends with your adult children. You can go shopping or out to lunch and have real conversations. You also have being a grandparent to look forward to.

    3. New Discounts
    Now that you’ve hit the big milestone, you are eligible for all kinds of discounts. Just look at all of the restaurants offering discounts and special prices for meals on certain days. You’ll also find deals on hotels and other amenities. You even get better pricing on tickets for games and sporting events.

    4. Added Confidence
    As you age, you care less about what people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. Unlike young adults who are often form their opinions based on what others think, age brings confidence in your own thoughts and ideas. You are sure of your decisions even if they aren’t the most popular.

    5. Planning for the Future
    Young people plan for the future by finding jobs and homes. People over 50 start planning for their future by figuring out what they want to do with their free time once they retire. Now is the time to think of where you’d like to travel or where you would purchase a vacation home. Instead of planning for future responsibility, you can prepare for freedom.

    6. You’re Okay with Who You Are
    You may not wake up one morning and decide “Hey, you’re all right,” but you do get to the point where you don’t expect to have the perfect body and hair – at least not all of the time. You don’t take yourself so seriously or others. This new-found independence allows you to take risks and try new things you wouldn’t have dared to do before.

    7. You Have More Free Time
    You can do what you want with your evenings and weekends. No more sports events or other activities to take the kids to. Even when you have grandkids, you get to decide when you’ll participate.

    8. You Have More Money
    As mortgages are paid down and kids get jobs and move out, you find you have more money. Fewer bills to pay means less debt and less stress.

    9. Romance Isn’t as Big of a Deal
    If you’re married, you’re used to your spouse’s attributes and flaws. If you’re single, you’ve adjusted to being alone and don’t feel the need to find someone to spend your time with.

    10. Wisdom Really Does Come with Age
    The idea of “older and wiser” is real. You can use your life experiences to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes as in the past.

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