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    Best Tools to Make the Most of Your Summer Barbecue

    It’s finally time to break out your secret seasonings and fire up the grill. From backyard cookouts and tailgate parties to camping out under the stars, appetites are inspired by the delicious invitation of barbecue aromas delivered on a summer breeze. As you cook your way to new heights of great taste, consider the latest must-have accessories. These innovations are some of best barbecue tools available, and they’re destined to become your best grilling gadgets.

    Take the Weber® Q 1000 Grill Kit Anywhere
    Fire up good eats at home or on the road with the Weber® Q 1000. The compact design of this portable barbecue setup handles six hamburgers, and the contoured lid leaves plenty of room for slowly roasting chickens or briskets. Ignite culinary adventures with the push of a button while you set precise temperatures with the smart control burner valve. This propane-fueled cooker comes ready to grill with cast iron grates, a built-in thermometer and a removable catch pan for quick cleanups.
    Throw Cooking a Curve with Flexible Skewers
    This latest twist on barbecue fun puts a new spin on playing with your food. Thread your favorite meat and vegetable combinations on this outdoor version of fire wire, and fasten the ends together to hold everything in place. The skewers conveniently coil even when fully loaded and easily slip into a bag of your best marinade. These clever twisters save space on the grill, clean up in a snap and turn kabob creation into an art form.
    Sear up Something Different on Specialty Grates
    Double up on your barbecue’s cooking talents with special grates that slip into place. These porcelain enameled panels sit on top of existing grill grates and serve up a surface that eliminates flare-ups. Their even, radiant heat tames the fiercest flames for perfectly seared steaks or controls a gentle temperature that treats fresh fish with respect. From grilling tender vegetables to baking a homemade pizza, these smart grates put versatility on your backyard menu.
    Throw a Light on Your Gourmet Stage
    Friends and family gather around admiring those steaks sizzling on the barbecue, but their hungry attention can throw shadows on your cooking. Keep an expert eye on everything with adjustable grill lights focused on the tasty stars of your party. LED illumination brightens up the culinary action while the lamps stay firmly attached to your barbecue with strong magnets. They pivot and point where you need them, so you never have to ask the audience to move.
    Let Your Grill Help with the Cleanup
    It’s not a magic wand, but the results are amazing. Tackle baked-on grease and barbecue sauce with a steam-powered grill brush, and watch your cleanup chores melt away. The secret to this modern miracle tool is a long handle that fills with water and takes advantage of heat from the grill. Push-button control lets you blast away at heavy buildup while a rugged wire brush finishes the dirty work. When you’re done, just toss this cleanup buddy in the dishwasher.

    From favorite recipes for mouthwatering ribs to savory concoctions for homemade sauces, it’s fun serving up delicious details to family and friends. Every half hour from noon to 5 pm on June 15, the Players Club at Isle Casino Hotel Black Hawk will be giving away a Weber® Q 1000 Grill Kit. Earn drawing entries, grilling gift sets, and barbecue bragging rights. Visit Black Hawk Isle and get ready to sharpen your backyard chef attitude, beef up that collection of grilling gadgets, and show off your best BBQ tools.


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