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    Cashing Out on Black Friday!

    Black Friday is one of the craziest days of the year. People are hurrying from one store to the next, trying to score the best deals and biggest savings. Many people use this day to wrap up their Christmas shopping for family and friends, while others choose to buy items for themselves they wouldn’t normally get.

    Black Friday shopping is a science for some shoppers as they figure out which stores to focus on and when the best deals will be held. Of course, retailers make it complicated by opening at different times each year and offering multiple door-busters to get customers in the store more than once.

    Scoring the Best Deals

    If you really want to get the lowest prices on your favorite items, you must start early doing your research. While many of the door-busters are ridiculously low prices, not everything in the store is such a good deal. In fact, many experts say the best time of the year to buy certain items isn’t Black Friday.

    For example, you can find electronics with low prices on this day, but most of the big name brands won’t be at their lowest until early next year. The TVs and computers you see advertised are the low-end brands.

    Don’t assume that Black Friday is synonymous with the best deal. Instead, know what regular prices are, what traditional sales prices are and what you’d pay once the item goes on clearance. Then, you can decide if the craziness of Black Friday is worth it!

    Create a Game Plan

    Step one… make a list! Think of the items you would want to buy, and start researching from there. While the print versions of the Black Friday ads don’t come out until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, you can go online and find out many of the details earlier in the month. Once you have a list of the items you want, you can create a game plan of which stores to visit first!

    For Black Friday, retailers like to mix things up. Don’t expect to find TVs in the electronics section or bedding in the home area. Many retailers post a holiday shopping map you can use. If they don’t or if you have questions, stop in the store on Wednesday. Talk to the store personnel who are usually glad to answer questions. They much prefer organized shoppers to the frenzy of panicked buyers who wait until they’re in the store to figure out where they want to go.
    Most door-busters are offered in limited quantities with no rain checks available. If you want an item, make sure you’re there early enough to get it… even if that means camping out!

    Get the Best Deal of All

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