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    Fun & Harmless April Fool's Pranks

    April Fool's Day falls on April first each year. It's a holiday reserved for people who like to joke and have fun. If you enjoy this day of harmless mayhem, then check out some of our April Fool's joke ideas… maybe you'll even manage to get a smile from your serious co-worker!

    Dripping Cup
    Get a plastic cup and poke holes in the bottom with a safety pin. Offer someone a drink and watch them try to figure out why their drink keeps dripping. As with any April Fool's joke ideas, the fun continues only if everyone is safe and happy, so don't do this with hot beverages, or even drinks that can stain like grape juice.

    Celebrity Sighting
    This one requires a bit of planning, but it is well worth it. A week or two before April Fool's Day mention that you keep seeing a certain celebrity. Then the day of, when your friends are gathered together, have a hired celebrity impersonator swing by. This April Fool's joke is sure to blow your friends' minds.

    Office Cover Up
    Among all the April Fool's joke ideas we've seen, this one definitely requires the most work, but will bring on a lot of laughs. The idea is simple: cover your co-worker's office with something. Choose from aluminum foil, wrapping paper, sticky notes, or even place cups full of water on every surface. Your co-worker will have to unwrap his or her desk and computer before getting down to business.

    Grab a cleaned out mayo jar and a few packs of vanilla pudding. Empty the pudding into the jar. Start eating spoonful’s of "mayo" out of the jar in front of whoever you're pranking. Enjoy his or her disgusted face.

    Tech Savvy
    Since we spend so much time on our screens, an April Fool's joke idea list wouldn't be complete without tackling our devices. If your buddy is working on a PC, wait for him to leave the room then hit Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow to turn the screen upside down. To return the screen right side up, just type Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow, but let your buddy flip out for a few minutes before letting him know that!

    You can also do the classic prank of changing a phone's ringtone to something obnoxious. Put the volume on high and wait to be in a public place before calling your buddy.

    For TV watchers, place a piece of tape on the remote controller's sensor to block its signal. It'll drive someone nuts.

    Butter Fingers
    Smear a quarter-sized dollop of Vaseline on the bottom of a door handle or inside of a refrigerator's handle, then watch your victim struggle to get a grip.

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