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    How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

    Warm weather is here, and many people want to take advantage of the beautiful days by spending more time outside. There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a picnic. If you’re looking for some fun picnic ideas, here are some suggestions to get you started.

    Pack for Practicality

    Think about what you will need for your picnic besides the food. Create a list and make sure you include these essentials:
    Paper plates and plastic ware – you don’t have to pack dirty dishes to take home if you use disposable items
    Wet wipes for dirty faces and hands
    Bags to keep any used items from getting your basket dirty
    A blanket to sit on
    Bug spray

    You’ll also want to put ice cubes in an insulated container to help keep your drinks cold. Any condiments or dressings can be put in a jar so they will take up less room. Don’t forget to pick out a basket large enough to hold everything you plan to bring, but lightweight enough to be easy to carry.

    Plan the Menu

    One of the most important picnic tips is to plan your menu at least the day before. You’ll want to select foods that are easy to prepare and hold up well not being refrigerated for some time. Cold sandwiches and salads are good choices along with chips or raw vegetables and fruit. Hummus and chips make a great snack for your picnic.

    Keep it simple if you want to add dessert. Cold pudding will taste good and be refreshing on a hot day. It’s also easy to pack. Just put it in plastic cups sealed with wrap.

    Add Some Entertainment

    You might want to pack a good book or some fishing poles for your picnic. If you want something to keep you entertained while on your adventure, pack a deck of cards, small notebook and pencil. You can play different kinds of games, including rummy and poker.

    If it’s a family picnic or a special afternoon with friends, make sure you bring something to enjoy together. A Frisbee or ball can provide hours of entertainment for the kids and won’t take up a lot of space in your vehicle or bags.

    What to Avoid

    What you don’t do at a picnic is just as important as what you do, so follow these picnic tips for things to avoid. First, don’t pack sticky or messy foods, like cakes and ice cream. In fact, avoid bringing too many different kinds of food at all. It’s a lot more to pack and carry and more to set up at the picnic and to watch for bugs. A few traditional foods are much better and you can add in one or two unique snacks for something different.

    When considering where to have your picnic, avoid a spot that requires you to walk too far with your basket and blanket. You’ll want to select a place in the shade not too far from your vehicle so you can quickly go back for any forgotten items.

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