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    How to Prepare to be on a Game Show

    The Game Show Extravaganza is coming to Isle Casino® Hotel Black Hawk and you can win up to $1,500 in cash or FanPlay® on Fridays in September from 7pm – 11pm! Participants will get to play a variety of game shows for a chance to win. Also, receive one free entry each promotional Friday and additional entries for every 100 tier points.

    Never played on a game show before? No worries! Get ready to play by following these five easy tips:

    1. Watch Game Shows on Television

    The easiest way to understand how game shows work is to watch them on television. Knowing how several different game shows work and understanding the rules can help you be a better player and give you a greater chance to win!

    2. Play Games Online

    Many popular game shows have an online presence, so you can practice in advance on your own computer. This is an ideal way to get used to the pace of different game shows, as well as being a practical technique to see the rules in action and how they apply to the game. The more you know, the better.
    3. Start Studying

    Some game shows involve an element of trivia, so it’s a good idea to study up! Reading the newspaper, doing crossword puzzles, looking in almanacs and fact books, and studying with a friend are all great ways to enhance your general trivia knowledge and could be the key to victory.

    4. Practice Makes Perfect

    Play a practice game or two with friends – you can even make a game night out of it! This is a good way to make sure you’re comfortable speaking in front of others, while also being able to keep the rules straight in your head. It’s also a great test to see if you need to do any additional preparation.

    5. Enjoy Yourself!

    Remember that games are supposed to be fun! Being tense or nervous can cause you to be forgetful or make a mistake. Relax, breathe, and have a great time.

    Game shows are popular for a reason. They’re a wonderful way to have a good time with friends and family – and maybe earn some winnings. We hope you join us soon at as we jump into our Game Show Extravaganza every Friday in September!
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