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    How to Unlock Your Smile

    When you’re happy, you have to show it. A smile will be the feature people notice most about you. It is your calling card to the world. It can open doors and create opportunities wherever you go. Go ahead and unlock some smiles. You’ll find it contagious, and you just may start enjoying life a little more. Here are five reasons to smile more:

    1. You Can Change Your Frame of Mind
    There's a lot of truth to the power of staying positive. Having the right attitude can unload mountains of negativity. Even your own mental and emotional state can be turned in the right direction when you smile. When your frustration skims the limit and you want to stomp your feet in anger, try to unlock some smiles. Go to the mirror and watch yourself as you pull out a grin. If you're out and about, wear a smile even if you feel like crying or growling. Watch people give smiles back to you. You'll feel your mental state begin to change.

    2. A Smile Takes Less Work
    You may not realize it, but your face has to work harder to make a frown. Why not give yourself a break and smile instead? It takes more muscles to make your mouth turn south, suggesting your face is really built to smile. You'll also stave off unsightly wrinkles around your mouth. Think of it as giving yourself a natural facelift. When you frown, everything begins to droop, from your cheeks to your jowls and your neck. Smiling defies gravity. Look and feel younger by habitually smiling.

    3. Smiling Could Pave the Way to a Longer Life
    Research has shown that smiling can help you live longer. It's all about having a sunny personality and riding out life's storms. Wayne State University did a unique study in which they looked at baseball players from a team that played back in 1952. When they compared headshots and lifespans, the players who smiled tended to live longer. It has even been suggested that smiling could be linked to a healthier heart. Think of smiling as something simple you can do to complement your daily regimen of physical activity and eating well. The best part is that a smile won't hurt one bit. It actually feels good.

    4. You'll Have a Positive Effect on Other People
    A smile isn't only working wonders for you—It touches the lives of others around you. Smile at your partner and you're more likely to enjoy a lasting, joyful, loving relationship. Show off an optimistic spirit when you are around others, and people will draw strength from you. The ray of sunshine that comes with each flash of your teeth can brighten someone else's day. People will be drawn to you when you make it a daily habit.

    5. It Could Bring Good Fortune Your Way
    Here at Isle Casino Hotel® Black Hawk, we value smiling so much that we created the “Unlock Some Smiles” promotion, where you can win up to $1,500 in cash just by unlocking some smiles and opening treasure chests. With a host of other promotions revolving around smiles, including Miles of Smiles and the Spin, Win, and Grin game, smiles encourage winning. With every win, you'll have more money in your pocket and your teeth will be working overtime. Get ready to smile for the camera when you're on your next vacation, wearing that new outfit, going out on the town or driving your new car. We’re in the business of making people happy, one win at a time. Get ready to put your grin on.

    Tap into some optimism and bring sunshine wherever you go. When you wear your smile, you bring happiness with you, and pass it along. So, the next time you're getting ready for your day, don't forget your smile.


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