• New Year, New Car!

    Driving a Ford® Mustang®… there’s nothing quite like it. As one of the most popular sports cars in the world, this model has a long and illustrious history. With so many reasons to own a Mustang, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason not to.

    A Long History

    With a goal to create something different from what was on the road, the Ford Mustang was first unveiled at the World’s Fair in New York in 1964. When the model came into production, it featured a long hood with a short rear deck and drew attention with its side scallops and the memorable emblem of a horse in motion, which still stands today. Car collectors and enthusiasts appreciate the history behind their favorite models, and the Mustang is part of a longstanding tradition which introduced a new era in cars.


    The Ford Mustang has always been developed on the idea of making a sports car affordable for the average driver. Instead of looking at pricy high-end models, the Mustang is a dream within reach for everyday drivers.

    Fun to Drive

    Because the Mustang is a sports car, it is designed to be fun to drive. Take corners a little sharper or press down on the accelerator for the thrill of a fast run. Components have been engineered to enhance the thrill aspect of ownership while providing safety and stability, so you can focus on the excitement.
    Fun to Own

    Let’s face it, the Ford Mustang is just fun to own. Even when it’s sitting in your driveway, it creates a stir. You see people driving by, turning their heads to get one more look.

    A Lifelong Love Affair

    Take a look at a Ford Mustang, and you’ll immediately be transported back in time to a special place in your mind. This model holds a unique place in the hearts of car devotees whether they previously owned one or just wished for one. Young drivers thrill at the anticipation of getting behind the wheel, and the feeling never goes away. The Mustang knows no limits, but is built to appeal to people of all ages.

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