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    Perfecting Your Poker Face

    Body language – the art of making a good first impression. It’s useful in social & business interactions, acting, job interviews & first dates… but not in the game of poker! In fact, showing how you feel by how you move is the worst thing you can do in this game. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered! Here at Isle Casino Hotel® Black Hawk, we know all about the poker face, and we have tips on how you can perfect yours!

    Keep Your Face in Check

    One of the most important skills to learn in the game of poker is keeping a straight face. The biggest mistake amateurs make is giving away when they have a great hand. All of the most successful poker players are ones who can read their opponents, and making facial expressions helps other players out tremendously. Here are the five most important tips to remember when working on perfecting your poker face:

    • It’s Not All About the Face: When you’re playing poker, make sure you’re conscious of things happening with your entire body. Not only will your opponents read your face for traces of nervousness or excitement, but they can do the same by observing other parts of the body. Pulses in your neck and the dilation in your eyes are all dead giveaways about how you’re feeling. Your entire body is under scrutiny, so hide as best you can!
    • Wear Glasses: Your eyes tell so much about what you’re thinking. In order to avoid giving anything away about your hand, wear sunglasses. Not only will your opponents be unable to see what you’re’ feeling, but they also won’t be able to see what else you are looking at. Not to mention, it’s a pretty cool look!
    • Keep a Calm, Consistent Demeanor: No matter what your hand is, always keep it cool. Even if you’ve got a great hand, don’t do something like lean back in your chair. This denotes that you’re feeling relaxed because you know you have a great hand. Conversely, try not to let your nerves get the best of you if you’re losing. In order to avoid giving anything away, it’s best to act the same with each play. Use the same hand to draw cards, sit up straight, and don’t make any awkward movements.
    • Don’t Talk: Poker is not a contact sport. Though it may be tempting to answer questions when someone asks you one, it’s best to avoid conversation. It can be really hard to answer questions without letting the opponent tap into your state of mind. Additionally, don’t say something like “I know you’re bluffing,” or anything similar. The reason for this is it shows your opponent how you act when you have a certain hand. To play it safe, keep quiet.
    • Master The Stare Down: When your opponent is giving you the death stare, give it right back to them! Don’t allow any player to intimidate you during this game. You want to be cold and pretty much emotionless. Just the same, do not stare at your cards. Taking too much time to observe what’s there, gives an indication that you don’t have a good hand. When it comes to poker, staring truly is an art form.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Now that you’ve learned all the skills for perfecting the poker face, you should be confident to kick some poker butt! So come visit us; we have non-sop table gaming action both day and night. Of our 24 hot tables, Three Card Poker® is always a crowd favorite. But we’ve also got Blackjack, Bonus 6, Texas Hold’em Bonus, Craps, Roulette, Buffalo Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack and 21 + 3. Make sure to switch it up! Also, don’t forget to check out our poker room, located on the 2nd floor!

    It’s time to put what you’ve learned to the test. Come on down to The Isle® and get your gaming on today!








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