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    Perks of Being 50 or Better

    Adults over 50 can find many fun ways to stay active. Sometimes, those opportunities come from unexpected places. Here at Isle Casino Hotel® Black Hawk, for example, we have a wonderful promotion called the "50+ Club." We don’t believe for a moment that people over 50 are too old to have a good time. In conjunction with our "Play More. Be Happy" mantra, this special offer is designed to challenge 50+ Club members to get out of the house and into the casino for a great time.

    As part of the promotion, it offers:

    Extra rewards points, including 5X on slots and 2X on video poker
    A free buffet for qualifying members
    Free soft-serve ice cream from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    The Art of Staying Young
    The art of staying young is more than a state of mind—it’s about actually acting young. As maturing adults, people seem to believe playtime is for the young and conservatism is for the old. Unfortunately, this might not be the best formula for living a well-rounded, healthy life. In fact, playfulness is a wonderful attribute no matter what age an individual might be. The key to keeping youth is trying your best to maintain your younger habits, even if at a slightly slower pace.

    The Benefits of Playing as Adults
    Adults are adept at keeping themselves on edge. Everyone has responsibilities, which means everyone has stress: work, paying bills, raising children and worrying about the future are just a few. Fortunately for us, playing is fun to do, and is one of the best stress relievers on the planet.
    Here are some ways older people can play in order to relieve stress and improve the quality of life:

    Keeping the Mind Nimble: Games of strategy are a great way to keep the mind active and challenged. These types of games include chess, card games, Scrabble and charades. Games like these can also lead to newfound creativity and inspiration, which are important when building a fulfilling life.

    Fine Tuning the Body: When the body goes, the mind too often follows. Playing sports and physical games are an important part of keeping the body functioning at optimal levels. This is especially important for 50+ bodies that have seen their share of wear and tear. If a person is physically unable to play basketball, jog, or golf, activities like bowling and swimming make great alternatives, and provide good exercise for the whole body without stretching the limits of age.

    Sharing Activity: Playfulness with others is a wonderful way to improve existing relationships and build new ones. When people can set aside their stresses together, even if just temporarily, it helps to improve attitudes and build friendships. Even better, finding success in stress relief will build your confidence to try new activities, and the cycle will continue.

    For those of you who think you’re too busy or old to still take advantage of what life has to offer, let us prove you wrong. Join our 50+ Club and enjoy a night of play, laughter and fun!


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