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    Spring Break Travel Tips

    Spring break is almost here and that means it’s time to plan a vacation! Some trips will be the stereotypical sunny beach party, while others are planned around the peaceful renewal of mountains and tall pines. Wherever you’re adventuring to, keep the following things in mind while preparing for this year’s spring break getaway!

    1. Know the area before you go.
    Use your smartphone or computer to explore the area you’re traveling to! Familiarize yourself with some of the names of the streets surrounding your place of lodging; plan out the routes you might want to take when traveling to and from nearby attractions or the airport. Try using Yelp to read reviews and seek out good bars and restaurants in the vicinity you’ll be staying in!

    2. Try to plan your splurges in advance.
    Vacations cost money and splurges happen. If you decide in advance you just have to have a particular souvenir or try that famous giant margarita, you’ll have time to set aside extra money to make those things happen. Then you can look forward to your splurge and you won’t feel guilty about treating yourself!

    3. Pack (just) enough.
    It can be tempting to pack too much or too little. Check with the place you’ll be staying to see if they offer free toiletries, use of a hairdryer, clothing hangers, etc. Some places let you have it for free, but some offer these amenities at a price that far exceeds what you paid for the full size bottle of shampoo you left at home. That said, if you’re staying somewhere near a big box retailer, don’t stress about packing everything you might need if something were to come up while you’re on vacation because you can easily go pick up an affordable replacement; traveling with too much stuff is cumbersome and frustrating!

    4. Make reservations in advance.
    If there’s a show, experience, restaurant or tour that you absolutely don’t want to miss, make a reservation or buy tickets as early as you can! Even if you aren’t positive you’ll want to try something, if the cancelation policy lets you cancel in advance without a penalty, just book it now. It’s much easier to have a reservation for something you might want to do booked before you leave. Once you’re on vacation you won’t want to worry about researching prices, dates and making phone calls to try and secure last minute plans; if you do it before, all you’ll have to worry about is cancelling your reservation in time if you opt out of participating.

    5. Have fun!
    Things don’t always go as planned. Do your best to be open-minded, go with the flow and laugh things off. Even if things go awry, if you’re intentional about choosing to have fun, you will!

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