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    Take a Spring Road Trip: Follow These 6 Travel-Safety Tips

    Spring! It's finally here. For many of us, the first signs of warmer weather often means it's officially time to take a spring road trip. A spring road trip with friends and/or family is the perfect way to dust off the last remnants of winter and embrace the gorgeous temperatures of the season ahead. However, with road trippin' comes responsibility. If you're ready to gather up your crew and hit the open road, follow these 6 travel-safety tips to keep everyone in your vehicle protected as you go from point A to point B.

    Travel-Safety Tip #1: Give Your Vehicle a Checkup
    You'd be surprised how many adventurers head out without ensuring their car or truck is up for the trip. Don't underestimate the importance of servicing your vehicle before you leave. Make an appointment at a trusted mechanic's to have him check brakes, tires, fluids and other important components so your vehicle is ready to roll when you are. Bonus Note: Fill up your tank and check your spare tire while you're at it for optimal peace of mind.

    Travel-Safety Tip #2: Put Together Your Emergency Kit
    Chances are you'll never need to use it, but an emergency kit is a must have item on every road trip. Go online to purchase a premade kit or make one on your own. A DIY kit should include essentials such as water and food (at least three days' worth for every traveler), first-aid necessities, raingear, hand warmers, flashlights and flares.

    Travel-Safety Tip #3: Have a Plan
    Winging it on a road trip is fun; however, you should never leave home without some type of general travel strategy. Put together a basic plan to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Determine the general length of your driving time each day and go over your travel route. Outline specific places to stop to stretch your legs, use restrooms and even rest for the evening if you're traveling over a number of days. Knowing your options in advance can help you avoid unnecessary trip glitches.

    Travel-Safety Tip #4: Pack Wisely
    Yes, spring is upon us; however, that doesn't mean we don't still have a little cold weather in our immediate future. Pack wisely to minimize the risk of being uncomfortable during your trip. Sweatshirts and rain jackets are a must as you prepare for whatever Mother Nature has in store throughout your adventure. Also, temps can swing in all sorts of directions throughout a single day; bringing clothes for layering can prove the best way to meet any weather conditions. Bonus Note: Make sure sunscreen always makes it into your bag before you hit the road.

    Travel-Safety Tip #5: Stay Connected
    You may be planning this trip to go off the grid a bit. But you will still want to bring everything you need to stay connected if you need to. Always bring your phones and wireless devices, as well as all of your chargers, to keep everything powered up in case of an emergency (even if it's only to ensure your "flashlight" app on your phone is ready and waiting for you should you need it).

    Travel-Safety Tip #6: Give Your Bank the Heads Up
    Finally, a spring road trip often means using credit and debit cards outside of your usual, local region. Contact your banks in advance to give them the heads up about your trip. Letting them know about your plans means they won't flag activity on your card as suspicious or even cancel your cards completely if they assume they're being used without your knowledge.

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