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    This is How We Roll!

    At Isle Casino Hotel® Black Hawk, a few of our chefs and cooks have been undergoing some extra culinary training, and it’s paying off in big flavor! We’re proud to announce that Calypso’s® Buffet is now rocking an all-you-can-eat Sushi Bar! Our sushi master, Om, is whipping up traditional and exotic rolls we know you’ll enjoy.

    Chef Klaus, among others, recently attended a class taught by sushi guru, Yasu Kizaki, at the top sushi restaurant in Denver, Izakaya Den/Sushi Den. They brought their knowledge and skills back to our own kitchen to create authentic, fresh & delicious sushi. We now invite sushi aficionados, and even newbies, to try our rolls!

    Here are a few of our options to get you started:

    • The California Roll: Arguably the most popular roll in the United States, our California Roll is made special with delicious avocado and crab meat. Cucumber and zesty tobiko may be added for a crunch.
    • Spicy Tuna Roll: Both a classic option and an international favorite, the Spicy Tuna Roll sings with house spices for a bold bite.
    • BBQ Eel Roll: Also referred to as Unagi, the main ingredient, barbecued eel, can be hard to obtain, but it’s worth it! The tangy taste with a cucumber crunch makes this one a must try.

    Before you step up to the bar, make sure you know which rolls you’ll be interested in trying. Here’s a list of the top 10 most popular sushi rolls in the country:

    1. B.C Roll: Grilled salmon skin is crispy with cucumber and sweet sauce on this succulent roll.
    2. Seattle Roll: Raw or smoked salmon combines with cucumber and avocado for this classic roll.
    3. Rock and Roll: Rock and Roll rolls are a special inside-out variety with barbecue freshwater eel and avocado on the inside and toasted sesame seeds atop rice on the outside.
    4. Tempura Roll: A tempura roll is deep fried and crispy. Some tempura rolls come in vegetarian varieties with crunchy seasonal veggies on the inside.
    5. Philadelphia Roll: Philadelphia rolls are a great choice for beginners. Raw or smoked salmon is topped with cream cheese and cucumber. Other varieties include avocado and chive fillings.
    6. Dynamite Roll: A Dynamite Roll can include prawn tempura and/or yellowtail fish. Additions such as carrots, cucumber, and spicy mayonnaise bring out the zingy taste.
    7. Tampa Roll: The Tampa Roll is made with mayonnaise, onion, and fried grouper for a crispy bite.
    8. Rainbow Roll: A Rainbow Roll is a variation on the California Roll with six to seven types of sashimi, like whitefish and tuna with avocado filling.
    9. Spider Roll: The Spider Roll contains fried soft-shell crab and additions such as sprouts and fish roe.
    10. Hawaiian Roll: The exotic Hawaiian Roll is topped with canned shoyu tuna, tamago, and flavorful shrimp powder.

    Make Sushi at Home!

    We know we’ve gotten you into the sushi mood, so after trying some at Calypso’s, how about giving homemade sushi a try? Here’s some basics to get you started:
    Rice: Short grain rice is seasoned with salt, sugar and a special rice vinegar. This mixture is called shari and holds your roll together.
    Maki: These traditional varieties are crafted with rice, seaweed called nori, and your favorite seafood and veggie fillings. Maki hand rolls should be ordered at the bar and not at your table to preserve Japanese etiquette.
    Nigiri: This is basically an inside-out maki roll with fish on the outside. Sticky rice keeps the pieces together.
    Sashimi: Pieces of tender, raw fish, usually served in an assortment of multiple varieties of seafood.

    You can find special kits to roll your own dinner. Before rolling or touching the rice, Chef Klaus recommends that you wet your hands or use gloves. Be sure the rice is cooked right with proper ingredients. You can use the juice from pickled ginger and sugar to keep the flavor of the rice tasty. For your first project, try making Chef Klaus’ favorite roll, the Red Dragon, with seared tuna graces on the outside and spicy tuna filling the inside!

    Find premium seafood and additional ingredients for a rich dinner that is sure to please the palate. Toast to your fine cooking with a glass of "sake", a rice wine that pairs perfectly with Japanese cuisine!

    Chopsticks or No Chopsticks?

    When mastered, chopsticks are an easy way to eat sushi. Simply hold one like a pencil and use the other to grab a roll! Some experts recommend that you eat maki and nigiri rolls with your fingers, so feel free to see which way feels more comfortable to you at Calypso’s Buffet!

    Also, keep this in mind: Don’t sharpen your chopsticks! It's generally considered insulting in Japan.

    Using Your Garnish Correctly

    Sushi platters usually come with a side of spicy wasabi paste and pickled ginger. Nigiri is already seasoned with wasabi, but you can add more if you'd like. If you're ordering sashimi, you might like to mix a bit of wasabi into your soy sauce for an excellent addition to your meal.

    Some diners like adding both wasabi and ginger to the top of their rolls, but Japanese nationals use ginger as a palate cleanser between each bite. Ginger may also be utilized to brush soy sauce on your dinner with the use of chopsticks.

    Omakase is a Japanese term for "trust the chef." If you're unsure of which roll to grab, let our skilled staff help you decide! Keep an open mind and try different things. Who knows which roll will be your favorite! Now, without further ado, Soredewa, tebete mimashou… let’s eat!


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